Thursday, March 14, 2013

About Me :)

Hello Sir Haiqal :) My name is Afif Ayumie binti Jama'uddin. I'm 21 years old this year. I was born on 28th January 1992 that is the year of monkey. I know when you see the year of monkey you can understand why sometimes I act like one. hahaha. I'm a talkative person and I love to joke around with my friends no matter who they are. I love to sing and dance all the time since it is my passion. I'm studying Mass Communication here in East Technology College. Well I think I've told you everything that is to know about me including my past lives. I enjoy having you as my lecturer but sometimes I think you want to be mad at us yet you couldn't. I wish you love teaching us eventhough you've only been here for almost a month. I'm sorry that we are not the best students you have around but we're trying our best to be better :) I wished I had more time having you as my lecturer but the time passed. Hope you'll be my lecturer too next semester. Enjoy your time here sir :) I wish you all the best. Thank you for everything.

Colgate Plax Road Tour :)

I was one of the dancers who dances with Ajim WAKAKA before I started to join Floor Fever for flashmobs dancing. There was this one time when Ajim invited me to join the colgate plax road tour team to dance and distribute free samples of colgate plax all around Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. He asked the team to dance to the Party Rock Anthem song. That song was a hit at that moment so we danced to the song for a whole month untill there was a moment where we can't even hear that song on the radio since we heard it everyday for three times a day. We just got sick of the song but it was all worth it since nowadays whenever I hear the song I will miss all the moment that we have been through for the whole month. It was a memory like non others and if I have the opportunity to do it again, I would take the chances that are given to me with open arms.

Oh How I Miss This Moment A Lot :(

Meet Mikail Andre :)

Today I've been introducing people who are close to me and now I'm going to show you the person who is dear to me but he is busy all the time with his work so we can't meet each other now.

Meet Mikael Andre

He is one of my friends who I met him by mistake. At first, we use to hang out but I rarely see him and he was three times the size that he is now so I didn't recognize him when I met him back after a few years past by. He was shocked to see me being different and I was shocked that he could shake off all his body fats in just six months. He became close to me when my bestfriend dated his friend. We see each other almost everyday since he live nearby my house. Now he is always busy with shooting films and dramas. He is a full time actor for MIG film production and under the film that his brother Pierre Andre produce or direct. I really miss him. I wish I could meet you now Mika :(

First time being football fans :p

I would like to ask you guys a question. Have any of you been to a live football match in Malaysia before ? I think some of you guys have the experience and some of you haven't been to any of the games. I was 19 when I first went to the live football match in Bukit Jalil Stadium. It started when it was havoc in Malaysia about Singapore coming to Malaysia to have a rematch with the Malaysian team. The Singapore football team was bragging about having their fans to come all the way to Malaysia to support them. Well I guess they are wrong. We have more Malaysian football fans than they know it so at that moment around 100,000 Malaysian football fans came to watch the Malaysian team play. I was so proud because I was apart of it. I was not really into football though but I went because I use to date a guy who is crazy about football as long as I can remember. All I know is the moment I knew him, he was already crazy with football all the time.

I didn't know what I was doing there in the first place but after awhile I was the one who enjoyed myself the most !!! My friends were shocked with my attitude at that time. hahaha.

The two important people in this college

As I went through my life in East Technology College, I've met with so many people from all over Malaysia. Some became my close friends instantly and some even became my enemies but I don't mind. It's the sincerity that counts when one wants to be our friend right ? I don't really like to judge other people. Sometimes my friends runs away from me because I became close friends with their enemy but as I say, I don't care whoever who wants to be my friend as long as they accept me the way I am just as how I accept them too. Back to the original story, during my time here, I met two of my most favorite. They are my pet brothers muhammad nazrin ikhmal and muhammad haniff. I met them when I was in part one Graphic. Although I'm older than them but they never treat me different. They like me just the way I am.

This is Muhammad Nazrin Ikhmal

This is Muhammad Haniff

They are the ones that I cherish the most now in this college. I would rather lose anyone in this college rather then to lose them. \(^o^)/


I love to eat sweet things when I'm bored just as much as my brother love to eat lollipop when he is watching television. I started to love baking cookies when I lived in Perth a moment ago. I was staying with a family who loves to cook all the time. The mother loves to make all kinds of cooking including baking. Since she is a house wive, it is easier for her to learn cooking when she has all the time that she wants in her daily routine. She was the one who teaches me how to bake cupcakes and I enjoyed my time learning how to cook it. She was a very good cook but the time I spent there was not enough for me to learn everything that is to know about cooking. Well my own mother is a good cook too. I can just learn from her anytime I want to.

I wish one day I could bake cupcakes like in these pictures. *sigh*

One of the moments part 1 :)

This is one of my beautiful memories that I have stated in my mind and I will cherish it forever. This day was the day when my elder brother ask me to join him for a shooting at Shah Alam. I was suppose to act as a makeup artist for a model. We were shooting for SAMSUNG GALAXY CAMERA and they had a model whom I can't really remember who her name was but what I remember was she is the most beautiful girl I've ever seen in my life and she's tall too. I'm so jealous of her but it's fine with me. Everyone is beatiful in their own way right ? Well the story for this picture starts with when my brother and my ex boyfriend was shooting as the cameraman and his assistant. My pet brother and I got bored so we decided to take pictures using the webcam from the laptop that I've brought along with me. Then we ask Aiman who is a friend of my brother to come and join us too because he seemed bored during that time. After taking the photos, I decided to combine them to be in one photo so that it saves some spaces in my laptop. As I combine it, my ex boyfriend came to me and got jealous because his pictures weren't there too. I just ignore him and go on with my work so this is the end of the art piece that I've made and I hope you like it too just as much as I do :)