Friday, August 27, 2010

Picture Perfect

Dont you know that nobody else is better than you ? You are the perfect person for me baby. I pretty much guess that you guys dont know why i'm saying this right ? So here's the story goes. It was around 3 a.m. We were chatting with each other on YM.

Taufik: yangg, b dah ngantuk ni. jom kita tido.

Ayumie:alaaaaaa. b nak tido dah ke ? :((

Taufik:jom la kita tido eh syg ? syg nak tido ngn b kan ?

Ayumie:nak nak !! syg nak call b kejap boleh ?

Taufik:boleh syg

I wanted to to the supersavers from maxis but i couldn't. Some technical problem occur at that moment. I was thinking what the hell so I just went ahead and call him.

Ayumie:baby baby. ngantuk sgt ke ?

Taufik:haah syg. jom la kita tido eh ?

Ayumie:but syg tak ngantuk lagi la b. meh la teman syg

Taufik:jgn la mcm ni syg. tlg la. pls. b ngantuk sgt ni.

Ayumie:b tido la dulu klau ngantuk. jgn la ckp ngn i mcm tu. mcm i jahat sgt tak kasi you tido pulak.

Taufik:tak tak syg. I'm sorry. i bukan maksud nak ckp mcm tu.



Ayumie:hm ? apa ? b nak tido pegi la.

Taufik:syg. jgn la ckp mcm tu. b tak maksud mcm tu pun.


Taufik:b tido dulu la syg. I'm sory. love you. bye. (close the line)

Ayumie:b ?

I wasn't satisfied with that. I didn't want to get mad at him in the first place. So I called him again. No answer from him. I called for the second time. Still no answer from him. I decide to give a text message.

Ayumie:B. Jgn mcm ni. Angkat pls.

I called again. Still not picking up my calls :'( I was like 'DAMN !!' So I text him again.

Ayumie:Fine. Tape la. Takyah angkat. I tau I jahat. Sory okay that you're stuck in a relationship with me. Takecare. Bye. Love you.

I didnt want to think about it so I left my phone in my room and watch anime at my pc. After half an hour, he texted me.

Taufik:I'm sory

I went to check my phone after 15 mins later. While I was reading his first text, then came the second one.

Taufik: I tau apa I buat kat you xcukup. I xpandai nak appreciate you. xpandai nak buat you happy. I try. I try buat you happy dgn i. Buat apa you nak. I tapenah fikir you jahat pun. Sumpah tapenah. I tau you syg i sgt care about me. nak I sgt. So do I. Maybe you tatau. But i syg you ayumie. Sumpah I syg you. Tp I keep on buat you sedih buat you susah hati sakit hati dgn I. Kdg2 I selalu fikir. I teruk sgt kat you. I tak dapat buat you happy. I xlayak dgn you. Tp. Deep in my heart. Ada nama you. I'm sorry for everything. Ayumie. you baby boo I. I love you syg.

My heart sank when I read the text message. I cried. I literally cried. I called him and settle everything once and for all.

To my dearest Muhamad Taufik Abdullah, I love you baby. I'm sorry that we always gets into a fight even though it's only a small problem. I'm sorry that I'm not the perfect person in this world but you are the right person for me baby. No one is better than you and trust me that no one is above you in my heart. Nobody can replace you. I feel blessed by god that I have you by my side every step of the way. You are the only person that I want that could guide my way wherever I go or whatever I do. I only want you b. I'm really sorry for everything. I dah try to make you happy baby. Tried to put aside my hatred and tolerate with everything with you. I even put aside my jealousy. Trust me b. I try that all the time when I'm with you. Tried to accept everything with open arms. I wont leave by your side baby :)) I heart you.

p/s : I dont really remember the real word that we talk on the phone about and I did cut this story short.

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