Wednesday, November 12, 2008

try me

what do you think ? you knw its our problem and you just have to tell everybody right ? how nice of you. atleast everybody knows about it. yeah. that i'm a backstabber. i guess you cant accept the fact that he likes me right ? i know. its okay. i know its my fault that i tell him. you could atleast pretend that you care. well i do. you said it yourself that you dont want him. so whats wrong with me being with him ? its not like he's my bf or anythg ? come on. i'm not the one who tells you about him. you were the one who checks my hp and everythg. i care bout your feelings. thats why i put it somewhere that you cant read but you just HAVE to open all my stuff. you knew but you still want to hurt your own feelings right ? that was the messages weeks ago. i just want to keep it. i dont know. its your choice. i've tried to explain to you so many times you just wont listen. then fine. we'll see okay. have fun.

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