Saturday, June 27, 2009

happy and sad

hahaha. i know u guess that i'm kinda emo everytime i write my blog. well what can i do ? everytime i'm online, it is always when i'm having a really really bad day. but but. today i'm happy ! yay ! syah masuk my school. after i tried to convince him last month to transfer into my school. at last i saw him yest. in my school ! gila la kan ? i was soooooooooooooooo happy. sayang syah. lucky la he listened to my advice kan kan ? hahaa.

the saddest thing that happened to me this week was i lost my dearest hp. haih. sape la yang suka suka amik my hp ? dorg tade keje ke amik org lain punya hp ? gila mcm pukimak shit !! hahaha. tp tape. daddy nak belikan blackberry storm. so sape kisah kan ? hahaha. hmmmmm. i fought with ash kut today. psl our friendship, my family and our community. tah pape tah. i rase mcm budak kecik je gado gado nie. hahaha. i'm out from JOVIAL now. nak study la. nak masuk community nie nanti nanti la. i have my spm to worry about. shit ! chemistry punya peka tak siap lagi. haiyo. keje lg. i have to go now. heh. nak siapkan. so tata :)

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