Monday, June 15, 2009

i'll be living with daddy !!

yay yay ! i get to live with daddy this time. heh. saje je buat buat hal so that i dapat duduk with my dad. hahahahahaha. i'm evil right ? 'i dont care. all i know u have to live with daddy lepas nie.' thats what abang alef said. i was like 'HOYEAH'. hahahahaha. but i didnt really show anybody my expression bout the moving in with dad thingi. what the heck. as long as i'm happy. yay yay ! so gonna enjoy my life now. hahaha. ape la jahat sgt aku nie buat sume tu. i mean i do like living with mama. its just that she's rarely even at home. so i was always left alone at home. do u know how boring it is to stay alone at home ? klau ada kucing ke anjing ke best la jugak ow. nie takde pape pun. ada pun tv je. hahaha. tgk star movies je la everynight. hahahahahaha. i want a dog !! a husky. awww. COMEL GLE LA KUT ! so geram tengok dogs. i love dogs. dont get me wrong. i know all the agama thing but then i dont care. its still gods creature kan. it deserve to be loved kan ? well dah panjang la i tulis. nak stop. bye bye. penat dah nie. hahaha. love love xoxoxo.

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