Monday, August 17, 2009

MTV world stage rocks !!

OH MY GOD !! Tyson was awesome. i mean it. i never really thought i would have so much fun at a gig but i really did. hahaha. i met all my friends. new and old. even my schoolmates too. it was pretty awesome when u get a free PLATINUM ticket and an invitation for the POST PARTY !! hahaha. everythg went great but unfortunately my handphones battery went empty. pity me. i didnt get to take picture with tyson and the whole party and concert. hm -.- next time remind me to charge it and if i must, i'll bring along the charger as well. hahahaha. i so love my brother. 'abg, nnt bg lg the ticket tau. thanks thanks. and sory sebab menghilangkan diri. too excited and rmai sgt kwn nak jmpe. so sorry bout that tau.' well. i wish i'll have the opportunity to have fun like that again. hahahaha. i wish. :P

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