Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Damn !!

I'm sorry. I dont get it. Why do I forget about my blog constantly ? Hahahaha. I guess I'm too busy arranging my life that I forget everything that is right in front of my eyes. I'm really sorry. Well maybe one of those reasons is that my life has nothing more interesting thing that happen accept for the fact that I still have my Muhamad Taufik with me.

With him always there for me, I dont think I need to write that much. My life is not interesting.

Baby bear. We're gonna celebrate our 3rd anniversary soon. heh heh. Well eventhough my friends keep on acting weird when I could be with you for a long time when all my other relationship never seemed to work before. No matter what they say I will love you more and more everyday. I just love you soooo much. You're such a doll. I miss you dear. Can't wait to meet with you soon :D see yah my dearest beloved darling. \(^o^)/ weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

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