Saturday, September 8, 2012


I have this one lecturer of mine. She has been my english lecturer for my program. I know I haven't been so nice to her since I don't go to her class much during this fasting month. I couldn't get myself to wake up after 'sahur' and has not attend to any classes at all. I feel so bad about it since I found out that she's going to further her studies and won't be teaching us BEL 120 any longer. I'm really sorry madam. I did try my best but I can only give you everything during the exams. I will try my best to do good in my studies as I'm still learning at East Technology College okay ? I really like you being my english lecturer. All the best in your studies. I LOVE YOU
P.S : Sorry I don't have any pictures of her with me but I bear it in my mind and heart though :) Sorry madam

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