Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Hi :) Today I would like to tell you about a friend of mine. This is his story. He is a rider and when I say rider, it is not the typical Malaysian rider who just want to drive car on the road but he is a sports motorcycle racer kind of rider. Well for now he is still driving under PETRONAS but soon he will be racing under MUGEN by HONDA. His name is Muhammad Azrai Hafiz Bin Hasbullah. Here is where the story starts. We were chilling and hanging out with friends. Go all the way to THE CURVE just to eat McDonalds there and smoking shisha at RASTA.

On our way back home, he was driving the car. My boyfriend was sitting at the co-pilot seat and I was sitting at the backseat. Right after we reach Bangi, there was this one curve which look like an 'S' letter. Azrai just decided to speed up to 120 at the curve. I was literally screaming in the car "AYAI !!!! AYAI !!!" but he was not listening to me. I was having my paranoid moment there as he was taking the turns. My heart starts pumping so fast that I could not breathe. I couldn't handle it. I have trauma with curves and corners. After the curve, I stayed quite at the back. I could not speak. My blood was rushing to my brains and they tried to comfort me. I was so scared that I cried myself out. Anyway, it took me awhile to start talking back to them but I was okay and I'm still okay now.

P.S : To Ayai, Please stop doing that to me. It's really scary and I can't handle myself. At this rate, I can never get in the car when you're driving it but I'll be watching when you are racing at the MOTO GP okay ? :) Thank you.

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