Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Start of a new chapter.. yet again..

Hey everyone, my name is afif ayumie binti jama'uddin. I'm currently studying at East Technology College. Let me tell you the first time I starts studying here. Well for starting, I've been hanging out with the students from this college ever since 2010. It was so much fun hanging out and joining their events and everything. I got to know most of them instantly. The person who brought me here was Azlia Zarliana that is lala for short. She was the one studying here in the first place. She was studying SSK from UPM and I got interested to join this college but I was working back then. So I had to focus on work. Well at first, I was studying Art and Design Graphic but then I couldn't finish it because it cost me too much money so at last I decided to join Mass Communication since I think I could be more serious with the subjects. Now I'm enjoying the time of my life with Mass Comm :)

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