Thursday, March 14, 2013

Speech Informative :D

Recently, I was assigned by Madam Faraizwana to make a Speech Informative for COM 165 Public Speaking. We have to make a speech from the current issue that we see all around Malaysia. Making all the decisions in doing this speech, I decided to go with the title "THREE SIMPLE WAYS TO PERFORM GOOD BUSINESS MARKETING". At first, I was not sure if I could make a good speech with that title but my lecturer liked the way I came up with the idea to talk about business marketing.

These pictures was some ideas of my presentation. It helps me a lot with my speech. I came up with a few awesome ideas to make my speech more interesting to hear by my audiences. Madam was proud with my speech presentation and I was proud of myself. I know there are some BBM icon in my pictures. I didn't have any internet for my laptop so I had to use the ultimate ways. That is using my Blackberry and screen grab is my only way to finish up my assignments. hehehe :D

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