Thursday, March 14, 2013

Fesni :)

For this last few weeks, my friends and I have been busy with an event for college. It is called 'Festival Seni'. We had 4 colors of groups that is Red, Blue, Yellow and Green. All the MassCommers got in one team that is Yellow and we called it the "BUMBLEbeez" There was seven categories that we can join. There was Drama, Choir, Traditional Dance, Modern Dance, Singing for Solo and Duet and Band. I decided to join Duet, Choir and Modern dance. We worked so hard to make sure our team wins. We practiced for the three whole weeks and we practice at night till 4 am in the morning. We had so much fun working together and it was actually worth it. We manage to win 3 first prize that is for Modern Dance, singing for Duet and Band. Second place for Traditional Dance and Third place for Choir and Singing for Solo. We didn't manage to win for Drama but we'll manage somehow. As long as we had fun on Fesni everything is fine with me :) Now we are all trying hard to win for Feskott "Festival sukan"

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