Thursday, March 14, 2013

The thrill of skate boarding :)

I am now interested in skate boarding. First I started to know about skate boarding was from my elder brothers that was Alef Aizudden and Muhammad Hafizuddin when I was younger. They started to skate with the normal average size skate board that everyone use to play around with. They use to come back home with scratch and bruises all over their body and usually when I went to see them skate, I would watch them fall from the top of the hills or the stairs just to make sure they can do the tricks that they love to see from the TONY HAWK'S video games. It was an awesome game and we enjoyed playing the game a lot. After a while, my brothers got bored of skating and they stopped skating and playing the games.

When I started to study in East Technology College, I managed to find some friends who skates during their free time. It was cool to watch them skate in PUTRAJAYA. One of them are Abdul Kaisan from the Art & Design Graphic Department part 3. He is a really good skater by the way he does the tricks like "ole", "360", "grinding" and many more tricks that even I don't know their names. Just watching him skate gave me the thrills to try something new maybe. One day maybe I should try it too :)

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