Friday, July 27, 2012


FASTING MONTH HAS ARRIVE !!!!! Actually it has been 7 days since we start fasting. It's so much fun with the 'Bazaar Ramadhan' and everything. I just love fasting month a lot. All muslims have to restrain themselves from eating and drinking during the day and the food for break fast is delicious and so many variety to eat. Hahaha. I'm just enjoying every second of it. I just hope that I can continue to finish my obligation to my religion and fulfill my goal to fast all day this month. That's if I don't get the 'RED FLAG' this month though but it's impossible. I'm sure I'm gonna get it sooner or later. Argghhh. I hate it when that time comes. Well eventhough my friends won't believe me when I say that I'm fasting but it's fine. That's only between me and GOD right ? I'm going to sleep now though. I will update everything with you guys soon okay ? Goodbye friends and goodnight. Love you XOXOXO <3 \(^o^)/

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