Friday, September 7, 2012

Awis Azimi Suhaimi by Zane:)

Hey guys and gals.this is not ayumie.but this is her beloved baby bear boyfriend Zane.She asked me to update her blog.But Actually i dont know what to write.Maybe i'm gonna write about how i met my bestfriend a.k.a my brother form another mother Awis Azimi B. Suhaimi.Awis is also ayumie brother from another mother.i meet him on September.During that time is the September intake for KLIUC.Oh yes awis studied in KLIUC.I meet awis from my another friend Gbek.At that time my housemate which is Afro his brother met an accident.So at that time i was lepaking with Gbek and Awis at that time.So afro called me and ask can i send him to KLnag to see his brother at the hospital nearby there.So i say yes and i took afro and we convoy with 2 cars, my car and awis's car.At that time awis drive a classic E46 BMW. That car is so damn after i send afro to the hospital,i went lepak with gbek and awis.So at that time me and awis have the same intyerst which is cars and that time me and awis bacame friends and now bestfriends.I accept awis to be my own brother because i never had a brother and i like to feel how was like to be have a brother and it was AWESOME!! And now me and awis have spend so much precious time together with AZRAAI my little brother from another mother, NATASHA awis's girlfriend and also Miss AYUMIE also.hahahaha.i hope this five of us and also some other family members from Le'Familia will last until the end of the world and hope to gain as much fun as possible together:)

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