Saturday, September 8, 2012

Young Wild and Free

So what we go out, So what we dont sleep, We just having fun, We dont care who see, So what we go out, Thats how we suppose to be Coz we young and wild and free. That is my life quotes.Living Young Wild and Free.Life must go on whether it is good or bad.Don't give up on live just make sure you do everything just the way it is.Not everyone is perfect the way they are.They do mistakes and sometimes they tend to do the same mistakes all over again.They need someone to guide them back and teach them the right way to do it.Although they are grown-ups but some times grown-up do mistakes too.The meaning of the quotes above is you live life the way it is and have fun while you live.You dont know when you will die, you cant be always serious you need to let lose of your self sometimes.Someone i know very close, he let lose steam by annoyed someone else.Everyone have their own way to let lose some steam.But the important thing is you must have some give and take in life and have fun along the way.

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