Thursday, March 14, 2013


I love to eat sweet things when I'm bored just as much as my brother love to eat lollipop when he is watching television. I started to love baking cookies when I lived in Perth a moment ago. I was staying with a family who loves to cook all the time. The mother loves to make all kinds of cooking including baking. Since she is a house wive, it is easier for her to learn cooking when she has all the time that she wants in her daily routine. She was the one who teaches me how to bake cupcakes and I enjoyed my time learning how to cook it. She was a very good cook but the time I spent there was not enough for me to learn everything that is to know about cooking. Well my own mother is a good cook too. I can just learn from her anytime I want to.

I wish one day I could bake cupcakes like in these pictures. *sigh*

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