Thursday, March 14, 2013

The two important people in this college

As I went through my life in East Technology College, I've met with so many people from all over Malaysia. Some became my close friends instantly and some even became my enemies but I don't mind. It's the sincerity that counts when one wants to be our friend right ? I don't really like to judge other people. Sometimes my friends runs away from me because I became close friends with their enemy but as I say, I don't care whoever who wants to be my friend as long as they accept me the way I am just as how I accept them too. Back to the original story, during my time here, I met two of my most favorite. They are my pet brothers muhammad nazrin ikhmal and muhammad haniff. I met them when I was in part one Graphic. Although I'm older than them but they never treat me different. They like me just the way I am.

This is Muhammad Nazrin Ikhmal

This is Muhammad Haniff

They are the ones that I cherish the most now in this college. I would rather lose anyone in this college rather then to lose them. \(^o^)/

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