Thursday, March 14, 2013

Meet Mikail Andre :)

Today I've been introducing people who are close to me and now I'm going to show you the person who is dear to me but he is busy all the time with his work so we can't meet each other now.

Meet Mikael Andre

He is one of my friends who I met him by mistake. At first, we use to hang out but I rarely see him and he was three times the size that he is now so I didn't recognize him when I met him back after a few years past by. He was shocked to see me being different and I was shocked that he could shake off all his body fats in just six months. He became close to me when my bestfriend dated his friend. We see each other almost everyday since he live nearby my house. Now he is always busy with shooting films and dramas. He is a full time actor for MIG film production and under the film that his brother Pierre Andre produce or direct. I really miss him. I wish I could meet you now Mika :(

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